From Design to Certification

AvMET Fleet Services (AFS)

We provide comprehensive Maintenance & Engineering Support to our Airline Customers. These services are designed to support Airlines' Maintenance & Engineering Departments, with industry expertise and on demand skills. AFS functions cover various functions as listed below.


  • Airworthiness Directive (AD) and Service Bulletin (SB) Management
  • Alternate Method of Compliance (AMOC) Management
  • Alteration and Modification Data & Repair Data Management
  • Engineering Order (EO), Deviation & Work scope Management
  • Operational Data Analysis


  • Operational Data Collection, Analysis & Evaluation
  • Reliability Program Administration

Maintenance Programs

  • Maintenance Program Administration
  • Maintenance Program Evaluation
  • Task Card Configuration Control
  • Maintenance Program Bridging

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

  • Heavy Maintenance Planning, Packaging & Scheduling
  • Base Maintenance Planning, Packaging & Scheduling
  • Line Maintenance Management
  • Tooling Planning and Scheduling
  • Deferred Items Management
  • Check Performance Analysis

Technical Publications

  • Configuration Control & Change Management
  • Digital Distribution & Distribution Control

Technical Records

  • Digital Records Management
  • Major Component History Tracking

Parts Data Management

  • Support on Warranty Claims, Repair Orders, Parts Requisition & Purchase
  • Parts Performance Measurement
  • Parts Configuration Control

Material Logistics

  • Materials Inventory Management Support
  • Sourcing Support
  • Material Planning

Maintenance Contract Performance

  • Contract Performance Data Collection, Analysis & Evaluation


  • Quality Assurance Auditing

Engine Management

  • On-wing Engine Planning
  • Engine Digital Records Management
  • Engine Configuration Control
  • Engine Life Limited Parts Configuration Control